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Lori Moore

Licensed Esthetician

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an acid solution used to deeply exfoliate and lighten the skin. The solution is applied in a thin, single layer and then neutralized. Most people feel a burning sensation that lasts 

5-10 minutes. Afterwards you may experience a reaction similar to a sunburn. Mild to thick peeling can be expected depending on the strength of the peel. Since the chemical works below the skin's surface to lighten imperfections, this is an excellent way to get rid of dark spots and reveal a radiant complexion. A series of treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired result.

Chemical Peel  $75

(30 mins)

Includes cleansing, acid solution and moisturizer.

Available peels: Multi AHA, Glycolic, Salicylic,

Vitamin C and Intensive Brightening

TCA Peel $95

(30 mins)

Includes cleansing, TCA peel solution and vitamin A cream.

Level II Peel  $130

(60 mins)

Requires advanced preparation before peel can be performed.


mild scarring

acne breakouts

sun spots/age spots

fine lines and wrinkles

fair to medium skin tone

Not Recommended

dark skin tones

recent cosmetic surgery

sensitive skin or rosacea

recent waxing or sun exposure

clients taking Accutane, topical 

cortisone or topical antibiotics