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Lori Moore

Licensed Esthetician


Microcurrent is a low level current that mimics the body's natural current in order to 

lift and tone sagging facial muscles. It was invented as a medical treatment to correct Bell's Palsy

and is now used in skin care treatments for anti-aging purposes. Commonly referred to as the 

"non-surgical facelift", a microcurrent session can sculpt the face and neck by toning over 30 

muscles. There is no pain associated with this service. In fact, most clients do not even feel the 

current during treatment. Simply relax while your muscles get the workout!

Microcurrent is an excellent option for those wanting to avoid more invasive procedures.

The results are immediate, leaving you with a toned and refreshed appearance.

Benefits Include

overall contour of the face

lifting of eyelids that droop

resulting in a higher eyebrow line

softening of wrinkles between the 

eyebrows and crow's feet

softening of the nasolabial folds and

smile lines

lifting and firming of the muscles along

the jawline and neck, minimizing of the jowls

** Not Recommended **

Microcurrent cannot be used on clients with any the following:




cancerous lesions

implanted defibrillators

surgical implants in the face

clients that are pregnant

Microcurrent Session $50

(45 mins)

Includes cleansing, microcurrent treatment 

on face and neck, moisturizer.

Package of 6 sessions  - $255

Package of 12 sessions - $480

Booster session recommended every 4 weeks to maintain results.

Microcurrent added to any 1 hour facial $30

Microcurrent Just Brows $15

Can be added to any facial or eyebrow wax.