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Lori Moore

Licensed Esthetician

Rezenerate Nano Facial

The Rezenerate wand is the newest technology in skin resurfacing. This 

motorized pen uses verified Nanotechnology to create thousands of microscopic

permeations to the skin. This allows products to be fully absorbed into the skin to

achieve faster results. The Rezenerate facial is painless and requires no down time

which makes it a great non-invasive alternative to microneedling.

This service is safe for all skin tones and customized for each client to 

treat the folllowing conditions:

sun damage


overly oily or dry skin

acne breakouts and scarring

fine lines and wrinkles around

forehead, cheeks, eyes and lips


Not Recommended for use on

keloid scars

severe rosacea

overly sensitive skin

clients with diabetes

warts or active herpes

bacterial or fungal infections

women who are pregnant or nursing

active inflammatory conditions or rashes


Before & After

After 1 treatment

After 3 treatments

After 1 treatment

Rezenerate 1/2 Hour 


cleansing, Rezenerate Treatment on face, neck,

lips and eyes, moisturizer

Rezenerate 1 Hour


cleansing, exfoliation, Rezenerate Treatment on

face, neck, lips and eyes, soothing face mask, 

eye and lip mask, moisturizer and eye serum

Rezenerate 90 Minutes


cleansing, exfoliation, Microcurrent, Rezenerate Treatment

on face, neck, lips and eyes, LED Light Therapy, soothing

face mask, eye and lip mask, moisturizer and eye serum

Series pricing is available



When will I see results and how long will they last?

Immediately following the service you will see noticeable improvements to fine

lines, smoother texture and increased hydration. The products infused into the 

skin during treatment will continue to provide benefit and show improvement in

the next 7 days. In some cases, dryness may be experienced for a few days as the

new layer of skin is formed below the surface and a gentle micro peel effect takes

place to shed old skin. It is important to note that more than 1 treatment may be

needed to achieve your desired result. This service is most beneficial when followed

up with daily product use at home.

Is it painful?

No, the process is painless. A gentle vibration from the wand is felt during the

treatment. After the facial you may experience a mild stinging sensation and the

skin may be slightly pink to red, depending on your sensitivity level. Normal skin

color returns within 24 hours. Tightness of the skin and mild sensitivity are 

common the next day.

Will it damage my Botox or fillers?

No, since Botox and fillers are injected deep into the dermis, the Rezenerate

system will not affect your injections. However, it can reduce how frequently

you may need to get such injections.

How is it different from microneedling?

The Rezenerate treatment is not a medical procedure so numbing is not

required. There is no bleeding, bruising or swelling that is associated with

microneedling. The Rezenerate wand can also be used directly on the lips 

and right under the eyes for a complete resurfacing service. There is no 

downtime with this service and makeup can be worn the next day.

What does it include?

The Rezenerate treatment can be done alone, as part of a facial or combined

with other modalities such as microcurrent and led light therapy. This is

considered a cosmetic procedure and not a traditional "feel good" facial so

massage is not included. Facial options are listed above.


Guide for Getting Maximum Results

For those seeking optimal results, I have put together a recommended

course of treatment as a guide for every age group.

In your 20's - Preventative Care

Maintenance sessions suggested every 3-6 months

In your 30's - Preventative/Corrective Care

Initial series of 3-6 treatments recommended

Maintenance sessions suggested every 6-8 weeks

In your 40's - Corrective Care

Initial series of 4-8 treatments recommended

Maintenance sessions suggested every 4-6 weeks

In your 50's - Corrective Care

Initial series of 6-10 treatments recommended

Maintenance sessions suggested every 4 weeks

In your 60's and beyond - Corrective Care

Initial series of 8-12 treatments recommended

Maintenance sessions suggested every 4 weeks